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Closing Costs Detail

At Settlement
At Settlement

Loan Costs

C. Services Borrower Did Shop For
01. Title - Closing Fee
02 Title - Search
03. Title - Surcharge
01. Title - Municipal Lien Search
05. Title - Document Prep Fee
06. Survey Fee
07. Title - Lenders Title Insurance
08. Endorsements; FL9
09. Additional Endorsements: $25 each

Other Costs

E. Taxes and Other Government Fees
01. Recording Fees
($10.00 First Page $8.50 each additional)
02. City/County Intangible Stamps Tax: Mortgages
03. State Documentary Stamps; Mortgages:
05. State Documentary Stamps Tax: Deeds
06. E Recording
H. Other Costs
01. Real Estate Commission
02. Title Endorsements
03. Title-Owners Title Insurance
04. Courier/Fedex/Mail Fees 0* 0*
05. Association Estoppels (price varies by Association)

Total Closing Costs

** Your transaction may be eligible for a Reissue Credit - Please ask your closer!!!
Above Quote Based on Title Insurance Minimum of $500.00
Mail Away fees not included on above quote and will be added accordingly*
Short Sale: $400 Additional Fee


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